Ha Coffee Bar

Everyone has a story.

Our story? Simply this. We are a community of folks committed to investment. We invest - in the community, in the culture. We do this because we believe that investing - digging deep and planting - is the best way to see life thrive. We believe that cultivation of that life is key to sustainability, to hope, to bigger things. [What does Ha mean you ask? - Click here for more on the Culture of Ha Coffee Bar]

So, how does that get us to Coffee? Well, it’s both bigger than coffee

Ha Coffee Bar primarily sells coffee, local food specialties & tea. We source these from the island locally, as there is a built-in supply of the first two and a distinct place for the third culturally. These include local pastries from Heartflame Bakery, Mailani Sweet Treats and other local-sourced goods. You can see our Menu over here.

Ha Coffee Bar utilizes a unique set-up as well. Instead of just building out the business to look like a typical coffee shop , we built it to resemble a classic old school bar. This allows us to utilize the community and business benefits of a bar, allowing us to showcase and sell products and items like pourovers that a customer might not typically buy.

Ha Coffee Bar utilizes the concepts found in a bar to minimize waste and increase quality. We serve primarily, in the area of coffee: espresso coffee, cold brewed coffee, pour-over and french press coffee. This allo us to not only serve coffee, but also serve different origins and price points of coffee. This is because of the nature of smaller, uniquely focused products. This minimizes waste because we don't have coffee sitting, growing more sour and stale as the day goes on. This maintians quality and choice because the customer can explore different blends, flovor profiles, and methods of making coffee.

Within the coffee movement, there is also a sub movement of roasting on-site. But for Ha, this wasn’t our game. Luckily for us, there is a Roaster on island [Kauai Roastery in Waimea] with the relationships and know-how to roast some of the best coffee we’ve ever had (and trust us, we’ve had some coffee). Some folks have relationships with their growers as Roasters, but Richard, he was the grower, and has extensive relationships with growers all over the world, sourcing his beans from some of the best known coffee-producing countries. He roasts our coffee weekly from his supply, and we serve it fresh to you.

At Ha Coffee Bar you can expect to find remarkable coffee in many of its forms: whole bean, various approaches to brewed, and in the carefully nuanced espresso. We want great coffee to be approachable and accessible, bypassing the pretension and getting to the core of what coffee can be. By showing and walking with folks through what is possible with coffee, we hope to change how you think, drink and enjoy it. No big deal right?